A little memorial to Iain has made it to the video game world.

Created by Vincent 22 days ago

In the RPG called Sea of Stars, available on pretty much all consoles (Switch, PS5, Xbox's, etc..) there is a crypt that you eventually discover as you play the game.
Once you get inside, there are messages left by people who supported the game's development as far back as 2020, before its release in 2023, these messages are found on stones around rooms.

The one dedicated to Iain is the one seen in the images below on the left with the sunlight shining on it in the screenshot:

For those who have the game and want to get there, here's how:

1. Once you enter the crypt, use the first teleportation disk at the bottom-left (see picture 1)

2. Walk to the left and up, where you'll find the stone (from picture 2) and can interact with it to display the message.

Picture 3 shows what the stone message says