Iain coming to my rescue

Created by Tom 2 years ago

When I was 17 I attended a music event hosted in some empty warehouse on an industrial estate in south London, although the event would be shut down by police at 2am and all of us were dispersed. I found myself stranded in an area I was unfamiliar with, in the middle of the night, and unsure where the nearest night bus even was. Out of options I rung Iain and said "Hi dad, I'm in a bit of a tight spot and was wondering if you could come pick me up?"

To my suprise and relief his joyful response was "Yeah that'd be fine I was just about to put dinner on but I'll leave it in the fridge." 20 minutes later he pulled up in his car and drove me back to his where we shared a pizza. The whole evening he never told me off for putting myself in that situation, or not planning a route home beforehand. I think he was just relieved I knew to call him when I needed help instead of doing something stupid like wandering around at night.

It really spoke to his nature, that he would allow us to make our own choices or mistakes but would never turn away from helping us if we genuinely needed his assistance.