Iain at multiple Waze meetups 2017-2019

Created by Vincent 2 years ago

Thank you for creating this tribute page,

I've first met Iain at the 2015 EU meetup in London, we were sitting at the same table, I was new and he already had a few years of experience with Waze. He was always appreciated by other fellow volunteer editors for his advice, support and overall knowledge about the Waze App and Map Editor. And perhaps also a bit feared by Waze staff because he was vocal and critical about their errors and lack of logic in decision making, but always expressed in a respectful manner and constructively, which everyone always recognized.

I remember that at meetups he would always prefer moments when he could share with others or discuss problems with staff. He was less fond of activities which involved walking (for too long) like city visits or similar and during which talking with others was less easy. He told me once that a specific "fun activity" was a waste of his time when he would have preferred to talk about serious topics that needed to be addressed during the meetup.

Finally, he was not camera shy but also definitely not seeking to be photographed if he could avoid it or if he was "trapped" by surprise in a selfie or group photo. But I've taken some time to go through the Waze meetups photo albums to find pictures of Iain that I did not know if his friends and family had ever seen.
This website only lets me add 10 pictures so I've added a link to a google photos album at the bottom with more images.


N.B. - In the full album there are some meetup group photos where you can sort of play "Where's Iain?", some images are also him in the frame but from the back during presentations, you can still easily recognize him.

The little "Angry Champ" logo in the full album is his own self created name tag which he would usually wear on his shirt or hat along with "Iainhouse (UK)" at meetups. It was also part of his forum posts' signature. He had made it around the same time as a rant post against staff in 2016 and kept it as his own personal avatar ever since. :)

*Full album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/9Tvz9gm3KjrXtNuS8


Best and sincere condolences to anyone that knew him,

- Vincent D. (Swiss Waze Global Champ)